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Online Services to Translate English to Spanish


If you want to translate some English document to Spanish correctly and in less time what do you do? There are many methods of translating English to Spanish. One method is to get into an online translation site like the popular Babelfish site that offers free online translation service. However please do remember that online non manual translations cannot be totally relied upon due to the fact that they are automated machine translations that can sometimes be totally wrong translation. One could maybe use it to first get a basic literal translation of words and must later get it corrected by some expert bilingual person especially if the text to be translated is important.

A good alternate and safe method is to avail services of a professional translator whose services are available online. When documents like legal agreements, memoranda, business agreements etc are to be translated from English to Spanish the translator has to be a native of a Spanish speaking country with good English fluency. There are many professional translation services provider companies with online presence that specialize in different varieties of translation depending on the different types of subject matter. Thus today there are specific English Spanish translators who have the appropriate background and are often referred to as,

  • Technical translators
  • Literary translators
  • Legal translators
  • Academic translator
  • Insurance translators
  • Financial translators

If one is translating a poem, a novel or some English article that is meant for some specific region like say, Argentina or Mexico, or Bolivia, it is suggested that the translator also be from that region so that the translation work will be done keeping in mind the place, its culture and the specific Spanish dialect of the people. When translating for a more general type of Spanish or Hispanic audience it may be better to use Universal neutral Spanish translation that will be useful across the entire Spanish speaking world. These details must be promptly conveyed beforehand itself to the translation service provider so that they can assign work to the right translator.

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is a US based BPO company that offers highly professional and accurate English Spanish and Spanish English translation services besides transcription services at affordable rates with a minimal turnaround time for clients globally. We can also give you a free first trial offer. Just call in at 1-800-670-2809 anytime.

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