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Designing Tips for a Balanced Web Site


Like all skills, web designing is also a skill that one can keep developing and perfecting. However there are a few basic good web design principles that are essential will make a difference for the success of any website. As the web is increasingly been used nowadays and more often than before, there are certain aspects and expectations of the web browser that a successful and respectable web designer/business should remember while designing a website. Some of the important points are,

  • People will not give much time to a site as time is an important factor. As people are usually looking for some specific information it becomes necessary to design the web site in such a way that it quickly tells the person what the site has to offer.
  • If Flash has to be used it should be used sparingly and one should make sure that it does not take long time to load. Waiting for some thing to load is seldom tolerated. Statistics show that beyond a few seconds of waiting most browsers just move away to other sites.
  • Focus on having clear and eye catchy bold headlines/sub headlines that clearly state the gist of the web page content as quite often it is the only thing that gets read because people scan through many pages very quickly while on the Internet.
  • It is ideal to have a sitemap page on the website so that the browser will be able to visualize the entire web content and conveniently navigate to the required pages of the site. It would be also ideal to have a search feature within the website especially when there is a lot of content.
  • A limited use of links is also suggested within the web pages. Proper labeling of the links is very important and links should always be provided in all the pages that can lead one back to the beginning of the section.
  • Interactive websites are the norm of the day and highly appreciated. Enhanced communication should be made possible with customer feedback via e-mail, blogs, live chat possibility etc.
  • The content of the website should be succinct. Content written for the search engine optimization) with keyword repetition should be skillfully well written (and never overdone). One should not make the content based optimization seem very obvious.
  • If using multimedia remember to give different options that take care of all varieties of browser speeds
  • Use of bright colors should be limited and easy on the eyes
  • Animation images, illustrations should be relevant and should not used for just glamorization.

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